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Find the perfect jeans for YOUR body type

003-best-jeansLet’s face it, we don’t all look good in the same pair of jeans. So when you go jeans hunting look for that super trendy  pair of jeans that will flatter your body.Every girl should own a pair of classic skinny jeans because they flatter every body shape and they are super easy to pull off. But to make the pair your own try on different rises (low, mid-high, high) and figure out which one looks the best on your body, once that’s done that pair will become your best friend and go to jeans.. It’s a little like the sisterhood of traveling pants with these jeans.If you have a boyish body try on a pair of embellished jeans, they’ll draw attention to the embellishments but stay clear of patterns or embellishments that draw attention to your inner thighs or butt. A must have for any girl with a boyish body is jeans with tapered legs which makes you look curvier. If you’re tall I’d recommend long and lean straight legged jeans that give an illusion of a bigger derriere and if you have long legs flaunt them don’t hide them. If you have an athletic body try on a pair of boyfriend jeans and for bonus style points roll them up a bit and pair them with a heeled shoe. The key to find the best pair is to look for a straight cut, with the slightest taper and don’t forget to leave some extra space in there for your thighs. If you’re a curvy girlie trust me high waisted jeans are the key, they elongate your legs and flatter you in all the right places. If you want to drive the eye away of your curves try on wide legged high waited jeans that give an illusion of longer legs and that may make you look skinnier.

Born in the wrong era


Today I wore a pretty retro outfit, patterned silk pants, denim shirt and we can’t forget about the black hat that ties the whole outfit together. If I were to describe the outfit in three words they would be retro, glam and vintage. I wore this outfit while sweater hunting (the weather is starting to get a bit colder so I have to be prepared) and it made trying on clothes super easy because the only thing I had to take off was my denim shirt.

The illustrated nail

tumblr_mqycgiibgc1qg9yd8o1_1280The illustrated nail is a project by nail artist and illustrator Sophie Harris-Greenslade. I’m in love with the prints and can’t even imagine the time it took to finish a set. Each nail in a set is different, original, colourful and so pretty. Depending on your mood and what you’re gonna do you can you can “style” your nails.The nails look fab and I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on a set ( or five sets).

Fall and winter must have: half leather pants


Let’s get something straight, leather pants are awesome but they’re not comfy. The solution isn’t not to wear leather pants but to wear half leather pants. They look great and are way comfier and easier to put on and remove. You can style them at the day with an oversized burgundy cardigan and sneaker wedges. And at night with a pretty blouse, oversized  blazer (I’m obsessed with oversized stuff right now) and stilettos. The possibilities are endless.

Designer to keep your eye on


Mordekai! Who is he you might ask? He’s Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj’s jewelry designer. He’s a designer that knows how to make a statement. His spring’14 show was very punk rock yet very sweet and sexy. The models were walking on the runway wearing sheer cover ups, neon lingerie and dripping necklaces with catchy phrases. The center piece of the show was definitely the colorful Mohawks. My prediction ? Some major pop stars will be rocking his jewelry in concerts very soon.

The cardigan makes a comeback


The cardigan never actually gone away but it has been a bit neglected in the fashion industry and waiting for a moment to take our breath away. That moment has finally come. In the autumn and winter 2013 shows it made it’s comeback in the Saint Laurent and Prada shows as the key piece. Prada made the cardigan look sexy while Saint Laurent made it look more on the sleek side. Blake Lively and Charlotte Dellal both sported a cardigan on the red carpet and they both killed it. Rihanna on the other hand did a no no while wearing nothing but a cardigan and pearls at a chanel show. A cardigan is one of the most versatile pieces ever and can make your outfit look fab if it’s styled correctly!

Style icon: Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga hasn’t been in the music scene for long but her music and fashion sense turned the music industry upside down. Her style might be a bit crazy but she always catches our attention. Her style has changed since the first time she hit the scene back in 2007 in latex bathing suits and giant bows to the better. I believe that she’s a style inspiration to many women and men because she’s fearless, wears what she wants, doesn’t care about what people think of her and has an incredible, fashion forward sense of style. Check out a slideshow featuring the best Gaga looks that Hany (the biggest little monster I know) and I put together . Special thanks to Hany!

Designer parody, do or don’t ?


I’m sure some of you are familiar with the rather new trend of designer parody shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers and hats. There’s a lot phrases, for instance, Brian Lichtenberg has parodied Céline with Féline, Hermés with Homiés, and Balmain with Ballin. Lets discuss the commercial point of view, thousands of people possibly millions are gonna have the name of the brand on their clothing, well it isn’t exactly the name of the brand but it’s still advertisement. Let’s assume that the people sporting theses parodys are aged between 15 and 27 (This isn’t official I’m taking a wild guess), they’ll later on probably want to wear the real deal so that’s a future purchase almost guarantied. The parody clothing can cause a legal problem if the brand affected doesn’t approve or if the clothing is bad for the reputation of the brand. A representative  from Hermés told WWD that“protecting its brand against unauthorized uses that infringe upon its valuable intellectual property rights (is a gray area especially when it also) “respects the freedom of artistic expression.” On the other hand Riccardo Tisci order many of LBD’s “Tisci” jerseys himself.

I personally think that the trend is a DO for now because it’s fresh, it’s young, it’s affordable and because in a couple seasons it’ll go away so there’s no use of fighting it. Even Rihanna and Miley Cyrus were spotted sporting the trend!



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