Find the perfect jeans for YOUR body type

003-best-jeansLet’s face it, we don’t all look good in the same pair of jeans. So when you go jeans hunting look for that super trendy  pair of jeans that will flatter your body.Every girl should own a pair of classic skinny jeans because they flatter every body shape and they are super easy to pull off. But to make the pair your own try on different rises (low, mid-high, high) and figure out which one looks the best on your body, once that’s done that pair will become your best friend and go to jeans.. It’s a little like the sisterhood of traveling pants with these jeans.If you have a boyish body try on a pair of embellished jeans, they’ll draw attention to the embellishments but stay clear of patterns or embellishments that draw attention to your inner thighs or butt. A must have for any girl with a boyish body is jeans with tapered legs which makes you look curvier. If you’re tall I’d recommend long and lean straight legged jeans that give an illusion of a bigger derriere and if you have long legs flaunt them don’t hide them. If you have an athletic body try on a pair of boyfriend jeans and for bonus style points roll them up a bit and pair them with a heeled shoe. The key to find the best pair is to look for a straight cut, with the slightest taper and don’t forget to leave some extra space in there for your thighs. If you’re a curvy girlie trust me high waisted jeans are the key, they elongate your legs and flatter you in all the right places. If you want to drive the eye away of your curves try on wide legged high waited jeans that give an illusion of longer legs and that may make you look skinnier.