Real beauty

I watched a film by Ashraf Hamdi ( Watch here) yesterday¬†and it left me flabbergasted. The film’s about beauty (nature and people), it’s very real and natural. This film is to me perfection and original there’s nothing like it out there. It left me thinking that we don’t appreciate our surroundings enough and technology may be the cause. I’ll tell you a personal story, 2 years ago in December I went to Leysin at Switzerland, during the whole 5 days I spent there I was using my phone non stop. I was in one of the most beautiful places on earth at the mountain top and I was experiencing a white Christmas and I didn’t appreciate it because I was only focused on how cold it was and how the clothes I had to wear to stay warm were unstylish. The whole trip I was walking around with a portable internet and my phone. The only day where I actually appreciated Leysin when I was walking back to the hotel alone and my internet cut. The year after we went back to Leysin and I definitely liked it a lot more and had a great time. I enjoyed the scenery, tried to ski (failed miserably) and the restaurant on top of the mountain became my favourite place to hangout. Even tho I still used my phone I appreciated the nature and had a great time. One day I went to the little cinema next to my hotel alone and even tho it wasn’t a very memorable moment I saw the sense of community and how every teenager who walked into the room said hi to everyone and I found that beautiful. Another thing is last year and half of this school year I found it necessary to wear makeup for me to feel pretty but how wrong was I ? Makeup shouldn’t become a necessity to the point that when you have no makeup on you don’t feel so good about yourself. I actually got complimented on how pretty I was when I stopped wearing makeup often and started wearing it only for events or special outings. There’s nothing more beautiful then your face because it’s yours and if anybody tells you that you’re not pretty or anything like that screw them. It’s your face and the only opinion that matters is yours. And you know what? If you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin that will make you look prettier and more attractive. So what I want to say with all of this is appreciate nature and beauty, if you can when travelling try to live technology free and lastly you’re beautiful and you don’t need makeup to make you look or feel pretty.